Day excursions and packages


Aspromonte National Park is in Calabria’s southernmost part. Its highest peaks are almost 2000 m high. It’s a unique place with untouched wild and beautiful nature, among the last in the Mediterranean. Within the park, there are numerous ancient villages rich in history and culture. They have all the charm of the past along with breathtaking views. In some of them, along the Ionic coast, people still speak a dialect which is a variation of ancient Greek.

In collaboration with expert guides, we offer the following packages:

  • English trail - 5 or 7 days spent trekking and staying at an accommodation with half board, with or without a guide. This is an evocative journey through the past, Greek Calabria, on the footsteps of Edward Lear.
  • Coast to coast excursion - travelling from the Ionic to the Tyrrhenian coast in 3 or 5 days, a 55 km nature trail to discover slowly, immersed in the marvelous Calabrian nature.
  • Day excursion to Aspromonte’s 7 waterfalls - during this trip, Sabine, an expert guide, will take you on an evocative journey along the 7 waterfalls to discover Aspromonte’s beauty. The tour ends in Gerace, one of Calabria’s most beautiful towns.