Trekking in Aspromonte

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The National Park of Aspromonte is located on the southern part of Calabria. The highest peaks reach almost 2000 metres in height. It’s a particular park, with amazing wild nature, one of the latest strips of unspoilt Mediterranean nature.

Within the park there are numerous old villages with a very ancient history and considerable cultural and artistic interest. Villages that retain all the charm of the past and breathtaking views. In some small villages on the Ionian coast a dialect is still spoken that is a variant of classical Greek.

in collaboration with expert guides we offer the following packages

-English trail 5 or 7 days individual trekking in half board with or without guide. Suggestive walks in a land of other times, in Greek Calabria, in the footsteps of Edward Lear

-Coast to coast excursion, from the Ionian to the Tyrrhenian coast in 3 or 5 days. 55km nature trail, to be enjoyed at a slow pace in the wonderful nature of Calabria

-Day trip to the 7 waterfalls in Aspromonte. During this excursion, Sabine, a very experienced guide, will take you on an evocative route along seven waterfalls to discover the beauty of Aspromonte. The visit will end in Gerace, one of the most beautiful towns in Calabria.

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